Automatic Cups sealing machine have count the number of cups (23/08/2017)

=> This is one of the ways to help you manage the quantities sold each day Help you : - easy management - easy to use - Save a lot of time

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You like to combine sugarcane juice with fruits? (22/08/2017)

In Vietnam, we often combine sugarcane juice with fruits such as lemon, pineapple, Orange Also you can combine sugarcane juice with other fruits such as durian, strawberry, watermelon, carrots, etc ...

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New Model FM-800 mini sugarcane juice machine use in Family (18/08/2017)

After some time to learn the market in Vietnam and the world we perceive there are now lots of people enjoyed and preferred to drink sugar cane juice, because it is a natural drinking water, it also...

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The reasons you should choose FM-800 Mini sugarcane machine use for home (16/08/2017)

You or your family love sugarcane juice You want to combine sugarcane juice with other fruits such as lemon, Orange, pineapple ... more delicious sugar cane juice You want to make sure that the...

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Which sugarcane peele You should select ? (14/08/2017)

We have the kind of sugarcane peeler as follows: 1/User Manual Sort users by hand we have 3 types:

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FM-800 mini sugarcane juice machine use for home (11/08/2017)

FM-800mini sugarcane machine, this is the new products used in family, it has much improved than FM-200 and FM-400mini , because the motor was replaced by power 800W, so the machine will stronger...

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Sugarcane Machine In Washington D.C. (08/08/2017)

Why many people around the world prefer drinking sugarcane juice? Because, it is a natural drinking from water good for health, it has the sweetness of sugarcane and cold if you combine with ice,...

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Tanphat are expanded on the production and trading of food machines (03/08/2017)

Tanphat primarily in manufacturing and trading of sugarcane machine, we now extend the production and sales of more types of food machines as follows: emongrass cutter machine , meat grinders ,...

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Coconut Grinder Machine (31/07/2017)

Help you save time , save cost and save labor Design small , ease remove and clean

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machine milled pork (29/07/2017)

machine milled the type of pork, beef, chicken ... mashed flesh . machine can grind to be chicken stock and chicken breasts. When operating the machine very smoothly and not make too much...

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