Cook the porridge water cane for baby weaning

 Cook the porridge water cane for baby weaning
Sugar cane juice to still be considered a type of beverage pavement of the parents because of cheap, delicious from nature but have never been viewed as a nutritious food for your baby. Even parents are limited to the drink this kind of water for fear of too sweet cause are not good for your baby's digestive system or sanitary quality of it sometimes is not guaranteed. However, the parents may abandon the concept that now by the benefits that this brings the drink that strengthens the baby drink or cooked into porridge cane juice for baby weaning.

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Effect of sugar cane juice for baby weaning:

Sugar cane juice is the abundant supply of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the body (including 70% natural sugar, protein powder, fat, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 ... and nearly 30 types of other organic acids). Not so, the drink also contains small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, thiamine and riboflavin. With high nutritional content, sugar cane juice will help the baby:

- Boost immunity and help healthy body: along with sugar, sugar-containing compounds boost immune system, strengthen the stomach, kidneys, heart and eyes.

- Cooling and moisturizing: cane Juice has the effect of keeping water for the body so so for the baby to drink a glass of water, small cane every day.

- Push back flu, sore throats: there are nutrients in cane can increase the immunity for the baby so the throats, colds, flu will no longer be the anxieties of the baby if the mother for baby sugar cane drink every day.

- Antiviral and antiallergic

-The room for baby: diabetes sugar cane juice for baby weaning does not cause him problems of the digestive system but also help the baby more healthy gut so can mirror the way for patients.

When baby is ready to drink sugar cane juice

Parents can begin to drink baby cane when the baby was 7 to 8 months of age. Because at the moment the baby can eat things other than mother's milk. Because sugar cane sugar is natural sugar, it absolutely will not be harmful to the health of the baby. With about 30-50 ml is the amount of water can drinking her mother's cane each day just to have a refreshing vitamin for the body.

Parents can be processed through two ways:

-Fresh sugar cane Juice: Cane was cut short, peel skin , parents take on millstone ( or can press through sugarcane juice machine ) . Then, great-grandson get water for your baby to drink. Should cane water filter through a sieve to avoid remaining residue.

-Cooking: cut sugar cane small, bring to boiling pot. To cool, great-grandson get water for your baby to drink.

So with just a few simple steps you can give baby a nutritional drink and clean.

Sugar cane juice for baby weaning porridge


-Fresh sugar cane: 250 g

-Rice/rice flour was boring grind available: 50 g

-Water: 500 ml

How to do:

-Fresh sugar cane cutting small  , then to the pot of boiling water 

-Water filter out (remove the residue of sugar cane if applicable) and then bring cooked with rice, or rice flour grind as normal porridge cooking. 

-In addition to the material on, parents can add  minced meat into porridge to add flavor. Oatmeal not only nutritious but also help baby cooling, cold.

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