Sugarcane Juice Machine In Brazil

Sugarcane Juice Machine In Brazil

Sugarcane juice machine in Brazil designs beautiful, compact, easy to clean after use, the machines completely made from stainless steel material is safe for health,
sugarcane juicer machine in Brazil is produced directly in Vietnam, we export over Brazil more than 3 years, our clients in Brazil usually buy sugarcane machines to sell sugarcane juice

The sugarcane machine in Brazil  is compact design, you can easily move it, you can put it up on a table Machine operation easy, especially easy to clean after use Tan Phat Company production and trading  sugarcane machine in Viet Nam
, and we often export the machines to Laos , USA , Australia , Malaysia , Canada , Pakistan , Singapore , United Kingdom, Philippines, Thailand , Mianma  ...etc 
All Machines export on the World often  made with high quality and the compact design and beautiful 

* Let us find out more details of each sugar cane juice machine in Brazil 

1/ Model : FM-400 mini sugarcane machine use in family 

You like drink sugarcane juice 
In the place you no stores selling sugarcane juice?
You want to manually make the sugarcane juice at home, because you want to secure your family's health
You want to make sugarcane juice in combination with other fruits such as grapes, Orange, lemon, Apple ...
Let's buy a mini sugarcane juice machine for the family, it will help you solve the problem on which you will not spend much time or effort to do so,

This is machine often use in Family , It's very compact design, you can place it in your home kitchen, easy to use. You don't have to spend a lot of time to go out looking for shops selling sugarcane juice, sugarcane juice can you do when you want to, and especially the safety for your family's health


Please see video of FM-400 mini machine :

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Sugarcane juice machine in United States ( USA )

2/ Model : PT-866 mini 
sugar cane juice machine in Brazil 

This is machine often use in small shop, machine design small compact , easy move, easy clean , easy use . If your shop is selling the milk tea, coffee, ice cream, you want to sell more sugarcane juice, the PT-866 is an appropriate option

  Please see video :

3/ Model : PT40-3S 
sugarcane juice extractor machine 
This is machine with 3 roller strong , dimension pipe 70*L90mm , with motor 500W or 750W 


Video of PT40-3S :

4/ Model : PT40-3D Max sugarcane press machine 
This is machine with high capacity , 3 rollers longer , stronger and faster 
Often use in more need : school , supper market ... 



5/ Model : PT40-4S With 4 rollers 
sugar cane juicer machine price from factory in Brazil 


6/ Model : PT40-4D 4roller stronger and faster 
With 4 rollers longer and stronger , 
This is machine high capacity , can use in big shop 


7/ model : TP-1500Pro High Capacity Sugarcane Juice Extractor Max Machine 

This is machine high capacity from 1000-1500kgs/H


8/ Model : PT6-2HP With 6 roller Stronger And Faster Sugarcane Juicer Machine In Argentina 


- Model : PT6-2HP sugar cane juicer machine 
- Rollers : 6 roller longer and stronger
- Material : 201 or 304 stainless steel
- Power : 2HP
- Size : 70*77*110cm
- Bearing : Japan
- Extractor max : 100% only one times press
- 1-6 sugarcanes/ one times press
- It have table and wheel
- Capacity : 1000 - 1500 kgs/H
- Type : automatic machine

With 6 roller longer and stronger 


- Model : Peel max mini
- Material : stainless steel
- Power : 750W
- Electric : 110V/220V
- Size : 40*50*50cm
- Weight : 40kgs
- Use by wire brush
- Capacity : 4-6 sugarcanes / min
- Easy use 
- Help you save time, save cost, save labor 
- Type : semi automatic sugarcane peeling machine 


Video of peel max mini machine :


10/ Model : Wire Brush Sugarcane Peeler Machine 

- Model : Wire brush sugarcane peeling machine
- Material : stainless steel
- Power : 750W
- Electric : 110V or 220V
- Size : 50*55*110cm
- Weight : 65kgs
- Use by wire brush
- Type : semi automatic machine
- Capacity : 4-6 sugarcanes/ min
- Help you save time, save cost, save labor 
- Easy use and safe for user 



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