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Small design and sharp blades keeps the output’s shape properly. Its productivity is much more than cutting bone by hand which saves time, labor worker dramatically. bone cutting machine is an indispensable machine in our kitchen or in food processing to cut bone and freezed food with smooth cubes.

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Double tanks 2 x 18L commercial refrigerator freezer is imported with high-quality brand delivered by Tan Phat which is optimally designed to make it cold fast and stay cold. This juice dispenser is innovated comparing to other brands to save cost to buy and electricity to use smartly.

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⬛ TanPhat gives a wide range of choices to food pressing machine models used for poultry, cattle, fish, bird. Users can use this machine to produce bran straws actively and inexpensively. Also, we deliver scientific bran mixing recipe for users to have a nutrious food source of their animal when they buy the machine.

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In the past, it took us much time to unhair 1-2 chicken without the help of any equiment. Especially for household business, there is a dozen of chickens unhaired everyday that makes us feel exhauted. Nowadays, thanks to the help of poultry unhairing machine, it took us only under 60 seconds to unhair a chicken totally (about 60-120 chickens /hour) which save our time, cost to get more profit than before.

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Industrial lemon grass slicing machine is a machine to cut lemongrass into circle pieces that replaces human’s manual labour. This lemongrass machine is commonly used at market, vegetables shop and cooking service center for events, festivals,…etc.

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This electric onion slicing machine can slice the large amount of onion, shallot, garlic,...etc. Also, it can protect your eyes from tearing during operation. Suitable for household, small shops, fried garlic-onion shops. This electric onion slicing machine can slice sweet potato, carrots, cuccumber, papaya,...etc, besides onion, garlic.

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Thanks to the diversity of the plates, some kinds of raw food such as meat, fishes, vegetables can be ground with large quantity at the same time. Moreover, industrial meat grinder ATS TS-102 supports to cut meat before putting that meat into pork roll grinder to make steamed pork roll.

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Flour mixing machine – 10kg is indispensable for food production chain such as: bread, moon cake, croissant,…etc. The different models of every machine is used to meet different need specifically. Application of flour mixing machine: Mixing meat with spices well and promptly with large quantity at the same time. Mixing various food together well and smoothly without taking much physical work. Mixing different flour together such as: cereal, rice flour, coffee seed,...etc. Mixing medical flour in traditional medicine.

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