🍁 Flour mixing machine – 10kg is indispensable for food production chain such as: bread, moon cake, croissant,…etc. The different models of every machine is used to meet different need specifically.

 🍁 Application of flour mixing machine:

 ✔️  Mixing meat with spices well and promptly with large quantity at the same time.

✔️  Mixing various food together well and smoothly without taking much physical work.

✔️  Mixing different flour together such as: cereal, rice flour, coffee seed,...etc.

✔️  Mixing medical flour in traditional medicine.


🍁 Structure of flour mixing machine, meat mixing machine, food mixing machine:

✔️  Food mixing machine is made of 100% stainless steel which is safe to use and easy to clean.

✔️  Motor reducer speed system at the bottom of the machine helps it operate smoothly.

✔️  Mixing box is spacious enough to contain material during the operation.

✔️  The core of the machine is used to whisk material well.


🍁 Details of flour mixing machine:

✔️ Full name: Horizontal flour mixing machine – 10kg

✔️ Material: stainless steel

✔️ Motor: 400W

✔️ Productivity: 10kg/box

✔️ Dimensions: 84 x 48 x 78cm (LxWxH)

✔️ Top packaging dimensions: W48 x L54 x H45 cm

✔️ Bottom packaging dimensions: W19 cm

✔️ Main function: mixing materials (such as flour, meat, paste, cereal, coffee seed,...etc.)


🍁 Usage of flour mixing machine:

✔️  Put material into the flour mixing machine (do not exceed the allowable maximum quantity).

✔️  Turn the switch on (the machine will operate and the material will be mixed soon).

✔️  After the material is mixed well, we can bend the material box and collect the output to use.

❌❌❌ Choosing TANPHAT SUGARCANE MACHINE as your reliable visit, what can you get?

✔️  Directly buying products from the manufacturer.

✔️  Fully standard warranty and repair policy.

✔️ Directly buying accessories or alternatives from the manufacturer.

✔️  Getting the staff crew to support free and enthusiastic.

✔️  Free shipping in inner HCM city.

❌❌❌  INCENTIVES  ❌❌❌

✔️ Replacement policy in case of manufacturing false within 7 days.

✔️  Instalment policy and credit card payment.

✔️  Professional and pleasant staff crew helps customers choose suitable products.

✔️  Transparent warranty policy, be supportive to customer in case of their need. We try our best to give you all best services.

✔️  Alternatives are always available.


💥 Contact for us at :
☎ Phone : +84 943 866 766 (zalo, viber, whatsapp)
🏤 Email : canemachinetanphat@gmail.com
🏤 Website : https://www.sugarcanemachine.vn
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperQuangtan/videos…
Facebook : www.facebook.com/sugarcanejuicermachineTanPhat/

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