Best Price From Manufacturer FM 800-Mini Sugar Cane Juice Machine


'Presses most handy mini sugarcane'


♦ You need a small cane crusher for transportation, or you're looking to a sugarcane crusher for use in the family ... Choosing Tan Phat mini sugarcane presses will meet your requirements and even more.

♦ Machine crushing small FM 800-Mini - World's Smallest  Sugarcane juicer machine Ultra design, easy to compact machine relocation.
♦ The capacity of the plant operation is a suitable stable when you use the machine for everyday families.
♦ This type crushing machine  FM 800-Minismall sugarcane juicer machine for home use World's Smallest Ultra can use any of the family should be mini cane presses are designed very safe, with stainless steel casing around very solid machine, safe easy to clean.

Images of  FM 800-Mini - sugarcane juicer World's Smallest Ultra
♦ Outline of the structure of the machine:
  •  sugar cane juice machine mini size: 23cm × 48cm × 52cm
  •  Weight: 38 kgs
  •  Mini compressor casing barrel: Material Stainless steel  
  • Power : 800W - NEW MOTOR OF TAIWAN
  • Voltage : 110V/220V-240V
  • Extractor max 99% only one times press 
( 3 roller diamond made from stainless steel )

♦ FM 800-Mini Sugarcane Juicer Machine World's Smallest Ultra cane presses are designed with  stainless steel handrails on both sides of the machine enables you to move the machine in a convenient way.

♦ With this compact crushing machine you not only own pressed sugarcane juice that you can squeeze with fruits like (tangerines, grapes, oranges, apples ...), this FM800 Mini -Sugarcane machine World's Smallest Ultra sugarcane crusher is Tan Phat improvements as a blender in the family. Satisfying the demand for domestic and daily activities.


**Offer to purchase products at Tan Phat: "You will get 2 sugar cane peeling knife"



Images of  2 sugar cane peeling knife



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Best Price From Manufacturer FM 800-Mini Sugar Cane Juice Machine

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Best Price From Manufacturer FM 800-Mini Sugar Cane Juice Machine

With the lightest weight 38kgs,can move easily:retired foreign travel, tourism,picnic,..

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After some time to learn the market in Vietnam and the world we perceive there are now lots of people enjoyed and preferred to drink sugar cane juice, because it is a natural drinking water, it also provides many nutrients, make beatiful for skin, ... etc.

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