New Style PT40-4DMAX  Sugarcane Juicer Machine - Table Top


 - If you are looking for a foaming sugarcane press, TAN PHAT would like to introduce PT40-4DMAX sugarcane machine with many outstanding improvements:
4 Roller diamond stainless steel design - high-quality stainless steel, ensuring food safety, safety for consumers' health 

- PT40-4DMAX table top sugarcane machine has the added advantage that this is a more foaming sugarcane press line than the 3 roller line , improving the taste of sugarcane juice will be more fragrant, fatter



This is our sugarcane juice machines most popular sell.  The reason is because reasonable price,  you can extractor juice 1-2 canes at a time , which makes  for serving rush crowds. lightweight it is easy to transport in vehicles to serve cane juice at events.  


( The safety switch and the AC switches )

 Structure PT-40-4D Roller- sugar cane juice machine Extract Max crushing plant :

  •  Machine Design PT40-4D Max - sugar cane juicer machine Extract Max including the first single crushing machine


( 4 ROLLER diamond make from stainless steel )




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New Style PT40-4DMAX- Sugarcane Juicer Machine Extract Max

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- Extracts of various kinds chopped sugarcane, frozen sugarcane, sugarcane without a sharp tip, All parts in touch with food are made of stainless steel to ensure health - This sugarcane juice making machine, is saving power, high efficiency, low noise and easy to operate, - The juice and dregs can be separated automatically and fast, you can directly enjoy the fresh juice after pressing.

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The sugarcane press presses frozen sugarcane, short sugarcane, cane without sharp flap / sharp flap, Special: serrated pressing shaft design to help suck sugarcane quickly and firmly Design 4 stainless steel roller 20cm long, 1500W motor operates smoothly - squeezes water to 99% in just one press, dry bagasse

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- The PT6-2HP Table top sugarcane machine is designed to be compact, save shipping costs, save your store space - Smoothly powerful, lightweight with 6 roller crushing super foaming help contribute to The good taste for sugar cane juice - Operated two-way switch off and on easily - Easy cleaning - All out shell is made of stainless steel.

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The PT-866 Sugarcane juicer machine is a great choice when start the business. with low cost and small shops . This is sugar cane machine appropriate use of small shop or can be used to use in the family

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New Style High Capacity Sugarcane Jucie Machine TP-1500-Pro

TP1500PRO sugarcane juicer machine - table top is one of the options for heavy use such as used in churches, shopping malls, bottled sugarcane juice,.... etc TP1500PRO suagrcane machine designed 3 diamond stainless steel roller - strong - 20cm long roller and 1500W motor so it can operate with multiple sugarcane at the same time without fear of being stopped.

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Wholesale Sugarcane Juice Machine , Sugarcane Juicer Machine PT40-3S

PT40-3S sugarcane machine Compact design, but the big rollers and running strong. Special : sugar cane juice price from factory in Viet Nam - Save cost - Save time - easy clean and move

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You are looking sugarcane machine for start business or small shop as in bar , cafes shop, restaurants etc , we are introduce new model it is TP500S mini - The sugar cane crushing machine design with motor 800W of Taiwan , with 3 rollers made from stainless steel - Material by stainless steel - safe for healthy - easy clean and move - Weight only 52kgs , small compact design , it's just bigger than laptop , don't occupy of your store area

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New Style PT40-4DMAX- Sugarcane Juicer Machine Extract Max

The PT-40-D 4 Roller- Sugarcane Extract Max is a durable, commercial quality Juicer made completely from food grade stainless steel. it is the finest Juicer on the market. You can find plenty of less expensive Juicers but none better than the PT-40-D 4 Roller-Sugarcane Extract Max

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