High Capacity V5-990-3D Sugarcane Juicer Extractor Machine 
Business cane juice, the most important thing is a crusher must REALLY GOOD, SAFE, MODERN, FITNESS SCALE was enough to help you profit quickly.
Super-clean type  sugar cane juice machine V5-990-3D
Sugarcane juicer machine Extraction  is the latest innovation to be present with the criteria NEW, MODERN, CONVENIENT, REASONABLE PRICES.


 Features: V5-990- 3D MAX sugarcane juice machine
- Save cost
- Save time
- Save labor
- Easy move and clean 
- Material : made from stainless steel 
- Bearing good

V5-990-3D-(2)-GANLOGO-600k.jpgSpecifications: V5-990- sugarcane squeezing machine

Power(W): 750W (TAIWAN)

- Voltage(V): 110v/220v- 50/60hz

- material  :  stainless steel 201 or 304 

- Window : Yes

- Dimensions : L:90cm x W:55cm x H:110cm

- Safety: reverse switch

- Power plug shape: international ( round)

- Machine style: automatic sugarcane extractor machine

- Function : juicing

- Roller material: food grade stainless steel

- Model number: V5-990-3D MAX sugarcane machine

- Net Weight: 90kg

- Warranty : Yes

- Available Shipping : by sea transport and air transport

- Sanitation easy, and move 

- Juice more rules, Pineapple, pineapple, coconut, durian ... easily

- Actions safety, sanitation, especially clean and without fear of wet MOTOR AND ELECTRIC infection.

- Easy to clean, safe to use

(*) Promotion: when you buy sugar cane juicer machine in Tan Phat will get "2 sugarcane peeler "  


 Images of  peeled cane knife

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High Capacity V5-990-3D Sugarcane Juicer Machine Extraction

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👉 .All out shell is made of stainless steel. 👉 .Rollers on the sugarcane juicer machine is made of 304 stainless steel, all the parts at head has been anti-rust treatment, this is to ensure our cane sugar juicer reach world hygiene license. 👉 . Motor 1500W extends the lifespan of the machine 👉 .We choose speed reducer gearbox and anti-shake device. This can reduce the noise much more.

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High Capacity V5-990-3D Sugarcane Juicer Machine Extraction

- Save cost - Save time - Save labor - Easy move and clean - Extractor max 99% - It have wheel and table

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