Benefits of sugarcane juice for health

 Benefits of sugarcane juice for health

Do you know how sugarcane juice benefits the human body?

- Sugarcane juice is one of the refreshing beverages that helps cool down the body and is especially good for health, because sugarcane juice is a natural drink without harmful chemicals and is pressed directly from the sugarcane juicer machine, which you can use immediately after juicing

- Besides its cooling effect, sugarcane juice is also considered a medicine that brings many health benefits. Namely:

- Sugarcane juice is rich in nutrients, including saccaro, calcium, chromium, zinc, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C), phytonutrients, antioxidants, protein and soluble fiber necessary for the body.

- Sugarcane juice helps improve fatigue, restore energy :

Sugarcane juice contains carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, so sugarcane juice helps improve exercise performance, rehydrate the body, restore energy after training and dispel fatigue.

- Regulates blood sugar levels :

Sugarcane juice is classified as a beverage with a low glycemic index (GI). If used moderately, this water helps prevent blood sugar spikes. However, if used too much, it will cause the total blood sugar to rise.

- Improves dental problems :

Sugarcane juice is high in calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen tooth enamel, strengthen teeth and fight tooth decay. Eating sugarcane also helps prevent bad breath due to nutrient deficiencies and tooth decay.

- Anti-aging, cancer prevention, liver detoxification :

Sugarcane juice is a source of phenolic antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins, This drink helps delay signs of aging, prevent cancer cells, especially prostate and breast cancer. At the same time protects the liver and regulates skin pigmentation.

- Prevention of kidney stones, UTIs With a composition of about 70-75% water, sugarcane juice helps prevent, remove stones and support kidney function, diuretic, support the treatment of UTIs.

Sugarcane juice also helps increase immunity, good for digestion, prevents morning sickness, provides essential vitamins and minerals for the fetus, beautifies the skin.

Despite the many benefits, people need to drink sugarcane juice properly.
Do not drink too much even if you are very thirsty, it should be less than 240 ml per day (about two glasses).
It should be used immediately after pressing, do not leave sugarcane juice outside for too long because it is easy to infect bacteria.
People who are taking medications or have diabetes should not drink sugarcane juice. People with poor digestive systems, who are pregnant or want to lose weight do not use this drink too much.

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