Best price from manufacturer sugarcane juice machine in Island

Best price from manufacturer sugarcane juice machine in Island 

Sugar cane juice is a refreshing drink made from sugar cane by the method of press by sugarcane mahcine to get water. This drink is popular in Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Sugar cane juice is the preferred drink for cooling effects and inexpensive. When pressed cane take water, one for the left on add blueberries (or left, almond fruit) or orange pineapple, but mostly use the lemon to add flavor to sugar cane country whereby easy-drinking, there were many people who like drink sugar cane juice  in the hot  season

To select the appropriate sugarcane juice machine you need to refer to many different companies sell machine, which can make the comparison to choose the most appropriate
We are Tanphat, we are also one of the production companies and sugarcane juicer machine trade in Vietnam and exported in Island .

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Our sugarcane machines in Island  : 

1/ MODEL : PT-866 Mini sugar cane machine 
The machine only 42kgs , with small design 27*40*50cm , easy move and clean 
the machine often use in small shop or use in family 

- Model : PT-866mini
- Brand : Tanphat ( Vietnam )
- Material : stainless steel
- Power : 500w - 100% new of Taiwan
- Bearing : Japan
- Dimensions : W*L*H : 23*48*52cm
- Weight : 42kgs
- Warranty : Yes
- Available shipping : by Sea and Air 

2/ Model : PT40-3S sugar cane juicer machine 

This is also one of the machine can be used in small and medium  shop, but the machine is designed with rollers diameter is larger than the PT-866. So with large diameter cane machine will press more easily


- Model : PT-40-3S
- Brand : Tanphat ( Vietnam )
- Material : stainless steel
- Power : 500w - 100% new of Taiwan
- Bearing : Japan
- Dimensions : W*L*H : 42*61*58cm
- Weight : 60kgs
- Warranty : Yes
- Available shipping : by Sea and Air 


3/ Model : PT40-3DMAX sugarcane juicer machine - Table Top 

We are Exporting, Manufacturing and Supplying an intensive a best collection of Commercial
sugarcane juicer machine in Island . Sugarcane juice machine with sleek design, high quality, easy to move and clean, all machine is made from stainless steel good, safe for food. And in particularwe have a team of sales and technical staff with many years of experience, enthusiasm and responsibility
With 3 rollers strong and long, machine can press from 2 - 4 canes / one times
sugar cane juice machine suitable to use in stores near schools, supermarkets, trade centers ... etc.


- Model : PT40-3D
- Brand : Tanphat ( Vietnam )
- Material : stainless steel
- Power : 750w - 100% new of Taiwan
- Bearing : Japan
- Dimensions : W*L*H : 42*61*58cm
- Weight : 65kgs
- Warranty : Yes
- Available shipping : by Sea and Air 


This is machine with 4 rollers , design easy move and clean , 


1.All out shell is made of stainless steel.

2.Rollers on the juicer machine is made of stainless steel, all the parts at head has been anti-rust treatment, this is to ensure our cane sugar juicer reach world hygiene license.

3.Whole machine was design as full closed structure. The cane dregs volume is inside, we can ensure juice won’t come out.

4.We choose speed reducer gearbox and anti-shake device. This can reduce the noise much more.


Power Material Voltage  Dimension Weight  Roll Diameter
500W/750W stainless steel 110V/220V 42*62*57cm 65kg F70*L90mm

with 4 rollers long and strong , high capacity ,suitable for use in large commercial areas such as supermarkets, schools, malls, fairs etc.
4rollers strong and long ,
Usually the machine more rollers then sugar cane juice will more delicious

Advantage of 4-rolls sugar cane juicer:

1.Sugar cane won’t be broken off often, good efficiency.

2. Material : made from good stainless steel , safe for healthy 

3. Automatic sugarcane machine .

4. Sugar cane residue is easy to collect.
more rollers then sugar cane juice will more delicious
6. Power : 750W or 1500W 

Power Material Voltage  Dimension Weight  Roll Diameter
750W/ 1500W stainless steel 110V/220V 45*62*57cm 90kg / 110kgs  F70*L130mm/ F70*L200mm 



This is one of the large capacity sugarcane juice machine in Island , suitable for the place of trade in sugar cane juice near the Trade Center, schools, fairs, or used to make sugarcane juice bottler... etc.
sugar cane juicer machine design motor 1500W = 1HP. with 3 rollers long and strong made from stainless steel , safe for healthy .

Informations :
- Model : TP-1500Pro
- Brand : Tanphat ( Vietnam )
- Material : 3rollers + filter and tray made from 304SS , Body 201SS
- Dimensions "W*L*H" (cm) : 61*65*60cm
- Weight : 110kgs
- Package : by wooden 
- Motor : 1500W
- Voltage : 110V/220V
- Available shipping : by Ocean, Air

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Address : 656/74/87 Quang Trung, 11 Ward, Go Vap District , Ho Chi Minh City 
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Sugarcane Juicer Machine


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