Drunk, beer, you should have a diet reasonable

 Drunk, beer, you should have a diet reasonable

To early exit status not awake, tired because of drinking too much alcohol, you can apply these simple measures.

to avoid the bad cases can happen after you drunk you should know how to wine rid for yourself or your friends when  drinking too much leads to drunk.

Tomato juice: When you drunk and being nauseous also means the body lose potassium, calcium and sodium amounts. Thus, drinking tomato juice will help you replenish these substances for the body.

Fruit Smoothie: fruit juice will help you offset the amount of water when suffering from vomiting many, besides, it also help you to detoxify the body by alcohol-induced. The nutrients and minerals in the juice helps to cool the liver, recovered the body quickly.

Orange juice and honey: in orange juice and honey contain a high sugar is fructose. This is capable of digesting alcohol fast. So, just drink a glass of orange juice or honey and then sleeping, sleep, wake up, you will see the body much more awake.

Purifying water: this is the simplest way to neutralize toxins caused by alcohol.

Water filter will offset the amount of water that you are also missing, while diluting the amount of alcohol in the blood help you help more drunk. You should also note that only drink water filtered rather than using water or carbonated after drinking beer, wine.

This was due to the type of this drink will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the stomach and small intestine, increase the risk of poisoning the body.


Ginger: to combat drunk and alcohol detoxification, make a piece  ginger into thin slices and then cook the drinking water . Can ginger hot  water for more on a spoon of honey to take effect more quickly.

Sugar cane juice: after drinking, you should drink a glass of sugarcane juice. Sugar cane juice help you solving alcohol and quickly escape the drunk.


Green tea: green tea contains tanic acid in the likely reduction of alcohol in wine. So drunk to drink a cup of green tea truth special-can also help solve the wine very well.
Wine award by green beans: according to traditional medicine, green beans have a slightly sweet taste, fishy, sustainability, non toxic, additional resources and gas, cooling to cool the liver detoxify.

Cooked a pot of porridge should green beans to cool, for drunk eats few Bowl will solve the wine very quickly, efficiently and without feeling tired again the next morning. There are a few tips to help you avoid getting drunk when alcohol use:

Before drinking should eat some foods containing many greasy: because when eating foods containing more grease then they will stick back into the intestines like a waterproof coat, when you drink much beer will help reduce the time to infuse alcohol into the body will take longer.

Drink plenty of filtered water:  When being drunk our bodies very awaited country. Therefore filtered water (cold water as possible) is a good solution to help you dilute the alcohol in the body, reduce the alcohol in people, to help you more awake.

But avoid drinking the juices have gas because then it will emit carbon dioxide in the stomach, it make to accelerate absorption of fast alcohol on body.

 Not drinking when hunger: when hungry , our body  are suffering lack of nutrition . So if drinking beer at this time, the wine has the ability to infuse into the body faster,  than normal.

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