Great use from sugar cane juice, for baby love
 Great use from sugar cane juice, for baby love

Do you know sugar cane juice is not only a delicious beverage that also is a very nutritious food for the baby.

In cane juice has quite a lot of ingredients such as essential minerals, vitamins necessary for the body (including the 70% natural sugar, protein powder, fat, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 ... and nearly 30 types of other organic acids) with calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, riboflavin ... So, when the baby is absorbing dietary sources, will help the body stay healthy  baby
Great use from sugar cane juice

In addition to providing abundant vitamin, sugar cane juice also has excellent effects such as:

-Cooling and moisturizing: baby body will retain water better if drinking a glass of water cane every day

-Push back flu, sore throats: sore throats, colds, flu will no longer be the anxieties of the baby if the mother to baby drink water cane every day

-Antiviral and antiallergic

-Diabetes Prevention for baby

-Supports the immune system very well by along with sugar cane, contains the compounds do strengthen the immune system, strengthen the stomach, kidneys, heart and eye

When do The baby should drink sugar cane juice  ?: 

When the child stepped on the stage of weaning, about 7-8 months of age, the mother can give baby drink sugar cane juice. Due to the amount of sugar in sugar cane is naturally so it absolutely will not be harmful to the health of the baby. However, parents should only give the baby to drink each day is about 30-50 ml water cane OK

How to ensure your baby has always been the cane clean and safe drinking water

Although sugar cane juice has many nutrients good for the body, but if parents choose to buy cane juice for your baby in these places do not ensure food safety and hygiene will be harmful to the baby. So the best way to ensure baby is always clean and safe sugar cane drink is sugar cane juice itself baby mother by the two following methods:

-Fresh sugar cane Juice:

Cane after the clean shell, cut short,  give to sugarcane juice machine . Then,  get sugarcane juice  for your baby to drink. Should cane water filter through a sieve to avoid remaining residue. You should clean sugarcane machine before and after use to ensure safe for baby love

-Cooking sugar cane Juice:

Cane after peeled , you make clean and cook for the boil then  to cool and great-grandson for drinking baby

Delicious dish eat miles with sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice can also be used as raw material  to cook food miles for babies. Here are a few you can refer and apply

. Cook sugar cane juice Porridge

Raw materials:

-250 g of fresh sugar cane
-Rice:  50 g
-Water: 500 ml


-Fresh sugar cane after cutting short, you give  cook to the pot of boiling water. Then filtered to remove residue cane if there and then bring cooked with rice . you have more finely minced meat or flank into porridge to add flavor. If baby likes to eat vegetables, I can add a little onion or cilantro mashed or Thai can add fruit like carrots, potatoes. This dish is just nutritious help little cold, very good

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