Healing with cane juice, do you believe?

 Healing with cane juice, do you believe?
Sugar cane is the main source material for the production of sugar. In addition the cane is used in many forms such as trees, cane cane tree pressed sugarcane juice machine water grab. Almost everyone loves to drink sugar cane juice but few people understand the real value of the sugar cane juice.
Why cane have healing powers?


The cane is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, iron, calcium, phôt pho ... and many other organic compounds. According to Oriental medicine, cane has a sweet taste, cool, non toxic, leap work, Apple, Christmas, born Tan room. In addition, the cane also has many types of sugar have the effect of inhibiting malignant tumor.
Sweetener in sugar cane juice is mostly sugar saccaro, it also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, mineral salts such as Calcium, Phosphorus, iron ... and the amino acid necessary for the body. Sugar cane juice is not only an ideal beverage types, it also is a source of energy and a lot of treatment of disease to humans.
According to Oriental medicine, cane has a sweet computer cool; on the vagus. The cane has the effect of cooling air benefits the Tan, born in urology. For the test case front damage heat room, sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice, acute bronchitis burning throat pain cough gas, at least the minor Pimp, poisoned pregnancy vomiting edema, dehydration thirst, constipation ... sugar works, scrap mind leap Bhikkhu, automatic gas canisters, detoxification. Daily use cane juice tree obtain water to drink a refreshing and nutritious, preventable diseases.

The healing with the cane
-Chronic gastritis Cure: Take a glass of sugar cane juice and a little ginger, mix well, drinking common brewing day.

-In the case of constipation not long on off, you can use the following simple drugsarticle:
Use the cane juice, honey (one small glass), mixed, stir, drink at the hungry bellies. Day twice, morning and afternoon.

-Cure coughs due to heat damage: using a cane just enough, a little rice (tasty kind)and an amount of water enough to BREW tea. Use a cup of morning and afternoona Cup.
-Chronic gastritis Cure: Take a glass of sugar cane juice and a little ginger, mix well, drinking common brewing day.
-Fever Cure: grab a thirsty mind cane and Eleocharis just enough use, washed, finely chopped and then drink the tea in the water change on cooking.
-Cure nausea caused by pregnancy: one cup of sugar cane juice, a spoonful of fresh ginger, both the General mix, stir, use several times.
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