High Production Sugarcane Juice Machine Made In Viet Nam

 High Production Sugarcane Juice Machine Made In Viet Nam 


Model PT-866 mini this is machine often use when you start business with small shop . It help you save cost 


The PT-866 Sugarcane juice machineTop Table is a durable, commercial quality Juicer made completely from stainless steel.  Pound-for-pound it is the finest Juicer on the market.  You can find plenty of less expensive Juicers but none better than the  PT-866 sugar cane juice machine Top Table

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High Production Sugarcane Juice Machine Made In Viet Nam


♦ Structure crushing machine  PT-866 Sugarcane juice machine Top Table:

  •  Machines designed PT-866 sugar cane juice machine Top Table include: First compact crushing machine
  •  Dimensions: 27*48*52cm
  •  Roller diameter: 50mm × 70mm
  •  Weight: 42kg
  •  3 roller made from stainless steel 
  •  Design help easy clean, move 

♦ Advantages of PT-866 Sugar cane juice machine Top Table crushing plant based on the assembly structure:


High Production Sugarcane Juice Machine Made In Viet Nam

  •  sugar cane juicer machine price from manufacturer
  •  Extractor max 99% only one times 
  •  The process of creating closed activity SAFE users and hygienic
  •  Speed FAST machine operation.
  •  Capacity active fast 
  •  The compact design, does not occupy an area
  •  Material made from stainless steel 201 
  •  Machine with beautiful design, comfortable.



Offer to purchase products at sugar cane juice machine Tan Phat:

"You will get 2 sugarcane peeler "


High Production Sugarcane Juice Machine Made In Viet Nam





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