How to lose weight and purifies the body by sugar cane juice and chili

 How to lose weight and purifies the body by sugar cane juice and chili

 The purpose of the method of purification of the body by sugarcane juice and Chili, this special is eliminating toxins accumulate. Because of the lack of healthy diet ,  sugar cane juice and chili will lose weight dramatically. Sugarcane juice contains substances that help reduce toxic detox, purge the parts such as liver, kidney, blood fat filter special help to effectively lose weight safety.

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How to lose weight and purifies the body by sugar cane juice:
The morning, additional water for the body by hot salted lemon juice. Later,  continue to drink 1 cup lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a little chilli. You need to apply repeatedly for several days and 1 day should drink 5 cups of lemon juice Salt, 10 cups of water with lemon and chili and sugar cane.

How to lose weight with water this cane helps to purifies the body very good. They wiped out the harmful substances for the body, it also helps to cure the diseases of the joints, abdominal fat-the arms and thighs are very effective so this is also a way of losing weight very well.
When using body weight by sugarcane juice and chili pepper mixed drink water with every stroke of the cane sugar cane juice, lemon juice and chilli should not go out in period 1. Because this method helps you removing toxins through the digestive tract, if you out before removing the risk of not finding the toilet quite high. However when the waste is dug, the body feels lighter, comfortable .


Specifically the following:
Preparation: Mix sugarcane juice with pure water sweet. Rinse peppers, remove seeds , finely chopped and added to Blender, grind with water filter. Next, remove the filter, take water. On average a run out 6 peppers.

-Duration: 12 days.

-Morning, drank a liter of dilute salt water (about 2 teaspoons salt with water filter). During the one hour should stay near the toilet since draining demands will arise soon after taking 5-10 downloadminutes. Wait for the body ceases to dilute salt water, you drink a solution of pure sugar cane juice and water are the peppers in proportion 1:1, and add a fresh lemon squeezed. Depending on the location of each body whom the amount of sugarcane juice for each packed will be different but the average is 2-3 cups/packed and every 15 minutes from a drinking cup, if drink is sour, much more can be squeezed lemon. Note, all day you eat nothing but drink this solution.

-Drink at any time when hungry, should not wait until the new water party cane, so very easy to lead to dangerous blood sugar drop status.

Results through each day:
You should give up the idea of returning to normal eating habits then pass the "allure" of food. From Monday until the last day, the stool will dilute gradually and slowly turning into water, drinking water and can urinate.

After finishing the detox, on the evening of Saturday 12 you can start eating again using a bowl of oatmeal with chopped ginger . ginger warm the position field helps muscle spasms. Used to increase blood back to the body and removing the toxins left out. The next morning back to eat a bowl of soup more ginger. Lunch and afternoon snacks, pastas, noodle-like porridge or rice vermicelli ... The day after eating normal again but should eat lightly to the stomach used. The most important key of this detox method is you have to pass three days early by the body very appetite.

After the end of 12 days of purification, you will feel very light.  On average,  down are about half the weight, waist 34 cm must be well off than before. Excessive fat part will be the goal come many, at the same time demand eat protein is not as strong as before. A year or two can repeat the purification by water the cane once to help the body nice and healthy.

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