Make sugarcane juice YUMMY!!!

Make sugarcane juice YUMMY!!!

 Summer, sugar cane juice beverage is becoming more popular. Although, a sugar cane juice is pretty simple but not everyone knows how to make delicious juice. Tan Phat Sugarcane Juicer Machine introduced ways of mix  are 1 cup of delicious sugar cane juice

The first is selecting the cane. :

-Body color are sugar cane (cane proves to be full of nutrients)

-Cane not broken

-Straight cane stems, big

-If the cane is already peeled the bark and then choose plants that would at least yellow, don't pick white green trees.

Choose delicious cane now must know how to concoct delicious sugar cane juice. The secret of the water dish is delicious sugar cane juice with sugar cane after sugarcane juice machine, you only need to add a little orange juice (or left blueberries) and a few drops of vanilla. To look more eye-catching cane juice cups, you can thin orange slices to 1 Thai on the mouth of the Cup.

Here are a few delicious refreshing dish from sugar cane juice, you can refer to the past to change the taste for traditional sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice in combination with lemon



This is the most common type of sugar cane juice, when pressed cane, add lemon or result into sugarcane juicer machine, will make the dish more delicious sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice in combination with orange



The taste will be very great for someone who loves the smell of oranges. The taste of the cool, calming aroma, the sweet water gently stick cane

Sugar cane juice carrots



. Carrots in addition to roles as a nutritious Smoothie juice, it can also be combined with sugar cane juice make up the delicious flavor water very own your cane

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