Should you drink sugarcane juice every day?

Should you drink sugarcane juice every day? 


Sugarcane juice is a natural drink with many nutrients so it is loved by many people
However, for some people, it is recommended to limit the use of sugarcane juice:
Do not drink sugarcane juice while using certain medications

Policosanol in sugarcane juice helps reduce bad cholesterol of the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, if you are using drugs such as supplements, anti-blood clots, it is not recommended to drink sugarcane juice. Because these drugs will interfere with the effect of policosanol, making its use meaningless.

People with weak intestinal tract, or full stomach, diarrhea should not drink sugarcane juice regularly
Sugarcane juice is cold and sugar content is very high so for people with weak intestinal tract, or full stomach and diarrhea, it is not recommended to use sugarcane juice regularly. Also because of the high sugar content, drinking too much sugarcane juice will lead to obesity because of excess energy.

Some potential risks of drinking sugarcane juice

- Risk of cancer

Sugarcane juice is a very popular water in summer. For unsanitary sugarcane presses, in addition to making sugarcane juice with opaque color, poor quality, there are many potential health hazards. For some places using poor quality sugarcane juice machine there will be heavy metals accumulated that can be toxic and dangerous rather than potentially highly carcinogenic. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the places to sell sugarcane machine sugarcane machine in stainless steel will ensure your health safety

- Susceptible to infection

Cleaning sugarcane, presses, cups of water is often not guaranteed to be clean, so sugarcane juice can easily infect, adversely affect the digestive system, even cause poisoning, dangerous to life.

- Adverse effects on the digestive system

An inevitable consequence of the use of unsanitary sugarcane juice regularly is the adverse effect on the digestive system. Although some people are healthier, do not suffer or rarely have abdominal pain, diarrhea caused by drinking dirty sugarcane juice, but that does not mean that it is not affected. The dirt and the bacteria in it can still accumulate and harm the digestive system. It can become the cause of the disease to the stomach and digestive system at any time.
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