Sugarcane Juicer Machine From Australia

  Sugarcane Juicer Machine From Australia 

Sugarcane juice machine exports from Vietnam to the Australia usually the machine as: FM-400Mini (mini sugarcane machine often in Family),
PT-866 sugarcane juicer machine (This is machine often use in Small Shop).

If you cane juice business with relatively large shop PT40-3S (3 Roller short ) or PT40-3D (3 roller long), PT40-4S (4 roller), PT40-4 d (4 roller longer), or machine with a large capacity as TP-1500Pro or PT6-2HP , two types of machine has a capacity up to 2HP 1500W = (Often used in sugar factories or places with large needs)

In addition Tan Phat Company still offers the kind of sugar cane juice machine has a table and wheel consists of the Models: V5-990 , PT6-2HP ...etc

Besides producing and providing the kind of sugarcane juice machines from Australia , Tan Phat also produced and exported to the U.Ssugarcane peeling machine with the type such as: Peel Max Machine (with a capacity of 1500W), Wire Brush Sugarcane Peeling Machine (with power 750W), Automatic Sugarcane Peeling Machine (High capacity)

All the machines are using 110V or 220V power sources (according to the standards of each country)

sugar cane juice machine in Australia   are produced with good material, made from stainless steel, the new motor, bearing good ... etc

sugar cane juicer machine from manufactory in Viet Nam 

The following are all the products of Tan Phat :

1. Model: FM-200 mini

Special: This is the smallest machine, usually for use in families, picnic or party

-Size: 23*40*50 cm

- 3 roller pipe : 42*70mm

-Power: 400w/110v or 220v

-Weigh: 33kgs

-1 sugarcane/for 1 times press

( FM-400 mini sugarcane machine )


2. Model: PT-866

Special: used to cane juice trade fits the needs of small and medium

-Size: 27 * 49 * 52cm 

-Power: 500w/110v or 220v

-3 roller pipe 50*70mm

-Weigh: 42kgs

-1 sugarcane/for 1 times press

( PT-866 sugarcane juicer machine )

3. Model: PT40-3S

-Size: 42 * 56 * 61cm

-Power: 500w or750W  (110v or 220v)

-3 roller pipe 70*90mm

-Weigh: 60kgs

-1 sugarcane/for 1 times press

PT40-3S sugar cane juicer machine 


4. Model: PT40-3D

Special: for sale needs more sugar cane juice

-Size: 42*56*61cm

-Power: 750W (110v or 220v)

-3 roller longer : pipe 70*130mm

-Weigh: 65kgs

-2-4/sugarcanes for 1 times press

PT40-3D sugar cane crusher machine 


5. Model: PT40-4S

Special: create more foam, more delicious sugar cane juice

-Size: 42 * 56 * 61 cm

-Power: 500W/750W (110v or 220v)

-4 roller pipe 70*90mm

-Weigh: 75kgs

-1 sugarcane/for 1 times press

PT40-4S sugar cane juicer machine 


6. Model: PT40-4D

Special: create more delicious than the sugar cane juice, foams, used where there are multiple needs

-Size:42 * 56 * 61 cm

-Power: 750W (110v or 220v)

-4 roller long : pipe 70*130mm

-Weigh: 90kgs

- 2-4/sugarcanes for 1 times press

PT40-4D sugarcane machine 


7. Model: TP-1500Pro 

Special: this is the model used in places where there is high demand: as industrial zones.

-Size: 35 * 59 * 68cm

-Power: 1500W (110v or 220v)

-3 roller very long : pipe 70*200mm

-5-7/sugarcanes for 1 times press


8. Model: PT6-2HP

Special: this is the model used in places where there is high demand: as the Super industry, foam.

-Size: 70 * 77 * 105cm

-Power: 2HP (110v or 220v)

-6 roller very long 

-5-7/sugarcanes for 1 times press

- It have table and wheel



9. Model: F1-YZ-3

Special: this is the model that can disassemble the rollers

-Size: 27 * 50 * 60 cm

-Power: 500W/750W (110v or 220v)

-3 roller

-1/sugarcanes for 1 times press



9. Model: F1-YZ-5

Special: this is the model that can disassemble the rollers, and Super foam

-Size: 27 * 50 * 60 cm

-Power: 750W (110v or 220v)

-5 roller

-1/sugarcanes for 1 times press



10. Model: Wire Brush Sugarcane Peeling Machine

-Capacity: (6sugarcanes/1 min)

-Electricity: 110V/220V

-Weight: 65 kg

-Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 110 (cm))

-Works mainly by wire brush

-Power: 1HP



11. Model: Wire Brush Peel Max Mini

-Capacity: (6 sugarcanes/1 min)

-Electricity: 110V/220V

-Weight: 40 kg

-Dimensions: 40 * 48 * 52 (cm))

-Works mainly by wire brush 

-Power: 1500W


12. Model: Automatic Sugarcane Peeling Machine

-Capicity: 5 tons sugarcane in one day

-Material: Stainless steel

-2 sugarcane/1 min/1 times run

-Power: 110/220V

-Type: Automatic

-Weight 300kgs

-Size: 60 * 150 * H130cm



Note: when you buy our sugarcane juicer machine , you will be 02 cane knife peeler 



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