Sugarcane juice is extracted from the cane and is nutritious and refreshing. It contains about 15 % natural sugar and is rich in organic salts and vitamins. The juice can also be used for drinking or sweetening. In hot summer days, it is a cooling drink. A little lime juice may be mixed in the juice to improve its flavour.

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The reason Sugarcane is a popular drink during summers is that it gives an instant kick of energy and quenches the thirst.
Sugarcane juice is a good source of glucose which as we know, helps to re-hydrate the human body and gives it a boost of energy.
So instead of your artificial energy drink, the next time you feel fatigued or dehydrated, consider drinking a glass of cane juice.



Sugarcane juice is considered an alkaline forming food because of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese in it.  Diseases like cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment and that’s why studies show that it is effective in fighting cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.




Sugarcane presses has been discovered to be good for those people who are struggling with febrile disorders.
- Febrile disorders result in fevers, which can lead to seizures and loss of proteins in the body.
-  It is quite common in infants and children.
Sugarcane juice helps in compensating the lost protein and helps in recovery

When it comes to healthy skin, alpha hydroxy acids are supposed to have a lot of benefits.
- They fight acne, reduce blemishes, prevent ageing and help in keeping the skin hydrated.
- One of the most effective alpha hydroxy acids is glycolic acid and sugarcane, is one of its few natural sources.
- Just apply sugarcane juice to your skin and let it dry or add it to your favourite face mask and scrub. Use it regularly to see the effect.

 While the advantages of sugarcane juice are many, it is essential to ensure that it is extracted in a hygienic manner. It’s also important to use and consume the juice as soon as it is extracted because it tends to get oxidized within 15 minutes.



 So Sugarcane is not only beneficial for your health but also good for your skin. It’s a miracle drink for a healthy lifestyle which is also tasty. Let go of those artificial drinks and soft drinks and go for ‘Sugarcane Juice’. But, be safe and drink it keeping the hygiene conditions in mind.




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