Techniques and experience of sugarcane for high yield

 Techniques and experience of sugarcane for high yield

( Canes very important factory of Cane sugar production, besides it can be press to juice  to a very good cooling in summer. So, people need to have the technique for growing cane properly to achieve the highest productivity.


The cane is easy to grow, so can plant sugarcane on many different soil types. However in the local region needs the same level of sugar cane under the track to avoid the Wolf Trail land. Plant cane can only high economic performance if there are techniques of planting the right way.

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The weather 

 planted cane is often at the beginning or the end of the rainy season. Early rainy season planting in April or may. The end of the rainy season should be planted in September to November depending on the end sooner or later.

soil-planting density

The cane can grown on many different soils from the land, the land of sand grey tinge to heavy clay. Conducting hygiene field to eradicate the weed, seed pests, making porous soil ventilation. Plowing deep investing about 30-40 cm (note on the Alum Lands should not plowing too deep to avoid giving birth up alum floor), disposal techniques, clean up the grass. Liming before final disposal.
The planting row distance depending on the conditions of care. If motor blocks with your distance every x items from 1-1.2 m, if manual care can grow thicker than about 0.8-1 m. Trenching: width 20-30 cm, depth 20-30 cm. Fertilizer lined background completely organic, phosphate and smoking Basudin before latest hom 1-2 days.

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Prepare sugar cane varieties

Plant varieties, have a very important role. To yield the high street should choose the same word high sugar, high productivity such as: ROC, ROC, ROC 27 25 16, MEX, ROC, ROC VN85186, VD86368, 16, 21, 22, C85319 C85456, ROC ...

cane planted should not choose the type being pests, like, no scrapes, not too old nor too young (the best is from 6 months to 8 months of age). the cane must be from 2 to 3 good germ. Soak the cane in the water from 8 hours to 24 hours for the seed to germinate slowly.

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the cane is ready can plant now. cane set a row between two cane, cane track separated from 10 cm to 20 cm (depending on the breed). For moist soils when placing the cane should lightly to sink half a trunk, to keep the moisture for easy development and root sprouts. In dry soils, the cane down to fill a thin soil layer fixed to the cane and moisturizing.

Take care

Regular moisturizing to cane quickly germinate. Custom footer rice good or bad that proper fertilizing. Typically, 1 cane pole vault 13kg-15 kg of fertilizer nitrogen, 20-25 kg phosphate, potassium fertilizer 13kg-10, 300-350kg.
Lining 100% beef manure fertilizer, phosphate, nitrogen, potassium 20%, the remainder fertilizer spreader. The manure should be finished by the time the cane reaching slang. When the cane grows to 2 to 3 leaves the leaves should check regularly for timely planting of miles. Each service trees, fertilizing the cane from 2 times to 3 times at the end of cane branches arise, when the cane has 3 and 6 slang slang.


Pest prevention

The room except for bugs with Ofatox, except deep opaque body with Padan according to the instructions indicated on the label. Around the hordes of cane planting the head separated by fences or tree, 5 m wire strain into 2-3 rows so that less cane do fall.
We planted sugar cane varieties depending on which identified nine stages of the cane. Observe the color of the skin of the fuselage the cane becomes darker, less glossy, chalk, dry leaves much, sweetness between root and tops do not spread the harvest is. Real sharp knife all the root tree survey felling on the cane, to service the cane then regenerate all over. Harvest to transport to it, don't get too long two days of cane sugar will decrease.

The experience

The farmers cultivate sugar cane much experience and high efficiency often make: 200 300 bushels of ash-coconut Fertilizer (2.5-3.5 ton/HA) or 500-1,000 bushel straw ash (2.5-5 tons/HA). Ground support less sour, just increase the nutrition for the soil (Unicorn, potassium, calcium, manhê and high in micronutrients). Organic manure processing: Komix, Humix, micro-organic ...; excess sludge and ash of plants. The land of trãng enhance Liming: 1-1.5 tons/ha.

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