The reason you should drink jucie sugarcane

The reason you should drink sugarcane juice 

 reduce fatigue: plentiful glucose sugar in sugar cane juice help supplement, provides energy to the body reduce fatigue before the attack of hot sun. So, instead of drinking the water, you should choose the cane juice.
prevent the development of diabetes: Although there is sweetness due to the high sugar, but sugar cane juice back helpful for people with diabetes because they contain natural sugar has a low Glycemic Index (the index reflects blood sugar increases the speed of food). Thanks for that, contributing to prevent the increase of blood glucose levels too quickly.
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Help cure
sugar cane Juice is considered a natural drug to cure jaundice and was recommended for patients with jaundice. If you drink two glasses of water the cane with lemon and salt, often it will help accelerate the recovery process. It also gives you a lot of energy.

Cancer prevention: cane Juice is alkaline foods do contain minerals such as calcium,potassium, iron, and Lord of man-high liver. Diseases such as cancer cannot grow inalkaline environment. Therefore, this drink has the effect of preventing the effectivecancer, especially cancer of the prostate and breast cancer.

body moisturizing sugar cane Juice is very good, it is a remedy to prevent and eliminate kidney stones. These are often formed by dehydration. Drink water constantly cane can prevent this. Furthermore, sugar cane juice is one of the best drinks to remove kidney stones.
Hold the water for the body: the cane is a first in the summer. When you dry throatdue to the heat and sweat you give me ten dam, cane works wonders for you. Whenyou lose more water in the summer, it helps your body retain water efficiently. So, go drink a glass of water cane every day in the summer to hold water for the body.

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Liver detoxification: the concentrations of the substance against the reduction in sugarcane juice helps beat the inflammatory diseases and strengthening the functioning of the immune system. They also protect the liver from inflammation and contribute to control the level of Orange pigment.
Digestive support: the presence of potassium in sugarcane juice helps the digestive system works, prevent inflammation in the stomach and was viewed as a drug cureconstipation effectively. Sugar cane juice can prevent cavities and foul mouth limited.
Nails, brittle nails, if health and brittle, and appear white spots on nails, this is exactly the time you need to drink more cane. Cane water contains many minerals that help bring the brightness shading for nails that do not need to resort to the assistance of the type of nail paint contains many harmful chemicals.

provides antioxidants: sugar cane Juice is a very rich source of flavonoids and phenolic compounds. Flavonoids are known for anti-inflammatory capabilities, anti-tumor,anti oxidants, antiviral and antiallergic benefits for the body.

Help the body recover faster after the fever: sugar cane juice was considered the ideal choice for those who are suffering from fever. During the fever, the body will losea lot of protein. This is the situation that occurs quite common in infants and young children. Sugar cane juice will offset the amount lost protein, help the body recoverfaster after the rush.


prevent acne, skin beauty: The type of alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) is the nutrients brought so many benefits to the skin, helps to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.They used prevent acne, reduce acne redness, prevents aging, moisturize the skin.

 the disease influenza, sore throat:
 drink a glass of sugarcane juice often helpyou avoid diseases such as sore throats, colds, flu. If you have this problem then the sugarcane juice as an effective remedy. Not important is summer or winter, you canuse.

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Source: Thu Hang/VTC Newspaper

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