When the sugarcane juice becomes toxic ?

 When the sugarcane juice becomes toxic ?

Sugar cane juice is the preferred drink in summer. However you need to know, drink this kind of water can cause many diseases If not stored and cleaned properly cane

Good cooling

 sugar cane juice has a sweet taste, good, nutritious properties for the body. In the summer the sugar cane juice has a good cooling effect (however should not take much ice) or can also be used to cure colds. When the blood pressure drop, thanks to contain more sugar, cane juice into the Savior for sick people.

sugarcane juice  that fairly wholesome nature, sugar cane juice is nutritious juices especially in summer. by sugar cane in countries that have abundant essential minerals and vitamins needed for the body.

Therefore, sugar cane juice to help replenish the water and provide an energy source for the body to help reduce fatigue, help the utmost.

When thesugarcane juice becomes toxic ?
 who are overweight, obese, especially people with diabetes. Should not drink more sugarcane juice 

"The nature of the cane juice is very sweet. Any foods, drinks containing sugar though is natural sugar when went in the body are converted into glucose, metabolism in the blood, increase in blood sugar, not good for the body. Including we eat a lot of rice also increases blood sugar-cane juice 

Similarly,  include the elderly, children under 4 years old and obese, diabetic patients should not drink sugar cane juice , by not able to metabolize glucose available in this type of water.

we  only drink this kind of water with just the a few amount, not used in time stretching.

most of the sugar cane juice shops are located in the curb, cane was not clean, the process is also quite simple, the seller not sanitary sugarcane juice machine clean. The real risk of bacterial infection, microscopic organisms, e. coli causes described in the water very high sugar cane ", the expert said.

In addition, ice is also not clean industrial production, when drinking with cane juice as possible increases the level of take up food safety hygiene and the risk of bacterial infection, poisoning.

Nature of sugar cane juice not toxic , not to cause a negative reaction with the body, but if blending does not ensure safety will be harmful for health

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