Whether to drink sugarcane juice to overnight

Whether to drink sugarcane juice to overnight

Sugarcane juice
is best to drink in the afternoon, it is not recommended to mix with other fruits and absolutely do not drink sugarcane juice after leaving overnight.
Sugarcane juice is a refreshing drink from nature, sugarcane juice has sweet, cool, delicious, better when drinking with ice.

Effects of sugarcane juice

- Cooling: according to Oriental medicine, sugarcane has coolness, can help the body heat, detoxify.

- Prevent kidney stones, detoxify the liver: people who drink sugarcane juice regularly can help the excretion of the kidneys and liver improve, especially on hot days.

- Improve the immune system: in sugarcane juice there are antioxidants, help prevent inflammation, strengthen the immune system.

- Sugarcane juice has natural glucose, helps the body have energy, reduce fatigue, fainting, especially in high temperature days, the body is easy to dehydrate, lazy.
- Support digestion: by containing a quantity of potassium, sugarcane juice can help the digestive system function well, improve function and prevent stomach diseases, constipation ...

- Anti-cancer: substances in sugarcane juice such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese ... help the body prevent the formation and development of cancers.

- Support weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol: sugarcane juice does not contain cholesterol, can even fight bad cholesterol in the blood, support easy weight loss.

Drink properly and store:

Sugarcane juice should be preserved properly. Sugarcane juice is easy to spoil if it has been squeezed into water and left outdoors hot. You should also not buy bottled sugarcane juice because you do not know exactly when the juice was squeezed, whether the storage is sufficient temperature or not.

It is best to drink directly immediately after squeezing. If you do not drink it all, you need to put it in the refrigerator for storage. however, it is recommended to leave it in the refrigerator for about 4 hours. Or you can freeze sugarcane juice, it will be preserved longer. In addition, according to experts, sugarcane juice should be drunk in the afternoon better than the morning.

Harms of improper preservation

Sugarcane juice is welding, high sugar content, plus leaving with ice or leaving it for a long time in the refrigerator is easy to make you cold stomach, abdominal pain after drinking. do not leave sugarcane juice too cold or drink too much to avoid diarrhea. Every day should drink only 100-200 ml of sugarcane juice, depending on the condition. Those who are weak, full of stomachs go loose, diabetics should not drink sugarcane juice because they are not good for your physical condition.

In particular, you should not leave sugarcane juice overnight in the refrigerator by conditionally developed harmful microorganisms. People with weak muscles, drinking contaminated sugarcane juice are prone to problems with health, even life-threatening intoxication.

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