Coffee Grind Machine ( Small )


very appropriate  for coffee SHOP , grind the coffee spot, Take away coffee
In addition, the machine can be used to grind the beans, rice, sugar, cinnamon, almond, etc.
- Type: electric coffee grinders, especially compact, suitable for coffee!
- Weight: 20 kg
- Material: aluminum, cast iron

- The amount of coffee once ground: 20 kg/> 1 h

- Adjust the fineness: Yes

- Motor : 400W / 1HP 
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Coffee Grind Machine ( Small )

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Coffee Grind Machine ( Small )

very appropriate for coffee SHOP , grind the coffee spot, Take away coffee In addition, the machine can be used to grind the beans, rice, sugar, cinnamon, almond, etc. Type: electric coffee grinders, especially compact, suitable for coffee!

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Industrial coffee Grinders Machine

This is Coffee machine grinder strong, grind all roasted coffee beans with butter and Carame without clogged Adjustable smoothness – responsive to diverse tastes Capacity to 100Kg/h, continuous grind for several hours Simple to use, ensure safety

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