Automatic Sugarcane Peeler Machine

💥 Automatic cane shell machine, machine works with 3 motor, help peeled cane fast
💥 Suitable for sugarcane tree trading
💥 sugarcane machine peeled with blade should surface beautiful cane and cleanh3 

This is one for the pros . If you are looking at serious high volume then this is the sugarcane peeling machine for you . It can peel 5 tons of sugarcane in one day . Has a low maintenance requirement and is a mush for any business doing a high volume sugarcane product production

• Electricity: 110V - 220V

• Weight: 700 kg

• Size : 60*180*110cm

• Uses: dry murmuring (2-6 cm diameter cane)

• Material: the whole machine is made from stainless steel

• Works mainly by the automatic razor.
* Run 02 sugarcane/one times peeled 

 Advantages  Automatic sugarcane peeleing machine of Tan Phat :
• Labour saving
• Save time
• Increase productivity
• Easy to use
 Shipping to your door worldwide

Please contact us to get more incentives

*Tan Phat Company production and trading



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Automatic Sugarcane Peeling Machine /Peeling Machine

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Automatic Sugarcane Peeling Machine /Peeling Machine

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Coming Soon Videos 🙂 💥 2019 NEW STYLE PEEL MAX MINI MACHINE 👉 Only weight 22kg 👉 very lightweight 👉 easy to move, 👉 save on shipping costs - Machine made from stainless steel - motor 750W - USE by wire brush

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